Counselling Sessions via Internet Video

High Speed Secure Internet Video Sessions Available

by Taylor Creek Counselling Centre

Ottawa, 14 March 2020 – We experienced a 50% cancellation rate for face-to-face counselling sessions coming up this week. Clients tell us it’s because of the valid risk to public health these in-person sessions represent.

We are determined to keep our facility open. We also intend to minimize the risk to our counsellors and their clients. We can minimize use of our waiting room and do whatever else it takes to keep our facility operating and virus-free.

At the same time, we understand it’s important to maintain your mental health. Especially with the added stress of the Covid-19 environment.

Taylor Creek Counselling Centre has set up video conferencing facilities using private, encrypted Internet video and audio. We are encouraging all our counsellors to speak with their clients and schedule the use of this new IT infrastructure.

Your counsellor can meet you now using a properly lit, acoustically balanced video environment using our high bandwidth Internet service.

Speak with your counsellor. Before your appointment, you can call and we will help you ensure things are set up at your end.

Confidentiality Assurance

Your conversation, including the video, is encrypted to ensure your privacy. You can connect anonymously. Click here for instructions on how to connect.

About The Taylor Creek Counselling Centre in Orléans

We are a highly-qualified group of experienced, cooperating counsellors and mental health professionals. Our professionals operate independently, but share office space, web presence facilities, and operating costs. We are proud to offer mental health care that is supportive, effective, and convenient.

Located at 880 Taylor Creek Drive, Ottawa, we offer compassionate counselling in the eastern National Capital Region, including Cumberland, Rockland, and Orléans. The Taylor Creek Counselling Centre is a caring place.