FR TEST Brittany Berg, M.A., O.A.C.C.P.P.


Brittany Berg in her office at Taylor Creek

Due to the fluctuating, ever-unpredictable nature of the journey through our lives, we will undoubtedly come up against situations, circumstances, and life events that can cause us to feel lost, overwhelmed, or unsure. We may come to find ourselves struggling with how to make sense of the ambiguity, discomfort, and uncertainty around us, or worrying about the unknown. We may find ourselves asking questions like, ‘Am I making the right choice?’ ‘Why do I always find myself here?’ ‘How am I supposed to be able to handle this?’ ‘Where do I go from here?’ and even, ‘Who am I?’ It is in these times that we recognize that there is no manual for ‘how to live’, and that navigating through life’s ups and downs, complications, major decisions, and unexpected and difficult trajectories is not an instinct, but a learned skill. You have taken the first step in your commitment to your own wellbeing, comfort, and happiness, and I am here to walk alongside you.