Pricing for Shared Counselling Spaces in the Taylor Creek Counselling Centre

Shared Counselling Spaces Available

We have added two counselling offices, bookable on an hourly basis by any of our counsellors or other general business clients. These two offices are newly-renovated and decorated special-purpose counselling spaces with white noise machines for privacy.

Each space contains a desk suitable for other office work.

Our rental agreement works in blocks of time over a two week period, allowing you to reserve 3-hour blocks of your choice of space on a recurring basis (eg 9am-3pm every second Friday).

Office 123E can seat three or four clients

Support Services

We include telephone answering, website advertising, client reception and waiting area, and other services essential to efficient client management and business development for your practice.

Office 112A has a nice window and can seat two clients


Pricing is currently at an introductory rate of $4.75 per hour, bookable through our Rental Agreement in blocks as follows:

2-week hours Cost
60 285.00
54 256.50
48 228.00
42 199.50
36 171.00
30 142.50
24 114.00